Adelaide Black

Harcourt Grey (AUS)

Calca (AUS)

Aust Juperana

Harlequin (AUS)

Grandee Grey (AUS)

Jet Black

Ocean Mist (IMPORT)

Traditional Red (IMPORT)

Shown above is a small selection of our most popular Australian and imported granites

Jordan Memorials import granites from all over the world and if you require colours or patterns different from those shown above, generally we can find them for you.

Desert Lilac (IMPORT)

Visag Blue (IMPORT)

Sapphire Brown

Desert Sunset (IMPORT)

Blue Pearl (IMPORT)

Emerald Pearl

Straight Grey (IMPORT)

Paradiso (IMPORT)

Jade Green

As Granite is a Natural Stone, texture & colours may vary from those shown here