JTM8 - All polished black granite memorial showing 75mm thick kerbs and ledger, this adds to the 'solid' look of this stylish memorial. Flower facilities are located at the front of the memorial to aid in the access.


JTM9 - Another example of the combination of highly polished granite being used in a solid kerb memorial. All components of a memorial can be varied in size to meet individual tastes or various cemetery regulations.


JTM10 - Solid polished kerbs give an opulent look to this all black granite memorial. All solid granite kerbs are set on a reinforced concrete foundation with corner pole footings at each corner for extra stability.

Jordan Memorials can not only provide custom designed monuments for vaults, but can reproduce any existing design or style to suit individual requirements.

Our highly experienced staff are able to liaise with cemetery authorities to ensure that the monument complies to all relevant regulations.

In addition to memorials, Jordan's are able to construct concrete vaults in most cemeteries.